Brazil received the first batch of Russian diesel fuel

MEXICO CITY, October 1 – Novosti. Brazil has begun accepting deliveries of diesel fuel from Russia: 35 million liters arrived at the port of Sao Paulo on Friday, with new deliveries expected in October, Brazilian Mining and Energy Minister Adolfo Sachida said.

“About 35 million liters of diesel fuel have arrived at the port of Santos from Russia. Other operations to import Russian diesel fuel are also in progress. New cargoes are expected in October, this will increase competition and lead to lower fuel prices,” he wrote on his Twitter blog .

An agreement on the supply of diesel from Russia to Brazil was reached in July, President Bolsonaro told reporters about this.
The cost of fuel in Brazil rose by the end of summer to a historic high, about a third of diesel fuel the country imports from other countries. High prices for gasoline and diesel, in turn, spur inflation in the country.
Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro - Novosti, 1920, 07/08/2022
Brazilian President Confident Western Sanctions Against Russia Didn’t Work
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