In the Saratov region, they promised to help the mobilized with the purchase of equipment

SARATOV, Oct 1 – Novosti. The governor of the Saratov region Roman Busargin promised , if additional supplies are needed, to purchase first-aid kits, backpacks and thermal underwear for the mobilized residents of the region at the expense of the reserve fund of the regional government.
“Today I met with mobilized citizens who are now in one of the distribution points. Before they are sent to carry out combat missions, they will be fully equipped. fund,” Busargin wrote on his Telegram channel.
Governor of St. Petersburg Alexander Beglov - Novosti, 1920, 01.10.2022
The Governor of St. Petersburg instructed to respond to the requests of the families of the mobilized
According to him, at the meeting, the mobilized had the opportunity to ask any question.
“We will help as much as possible. It doesn’t matter if it concerns credit holidays or other personal issues. I held a similar meeting at the training center. To date, 90 percent of the issues raised there have already been worked out: children are placed in kindergartens, medical assistance is organized for relatives and accelerated registration of marriages “, he noted.
The head of the region recalled that the hotline in the government of the region for relatives of the mobilized continues to work, it received more than 70 calls for two days. “For each (appeal), we promptly make individual decisions… A lot of appeals come from you in the comments (in social networks). I track everything. We check them,” he added.
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      Earlier, Busargin said that by September 25, two erroneous decisions on conscription as part of partial mobilization had been canceled in the region. He stressed that there will be an immediate response to all cases when citizens who do not fit the established criteria fall under partial mobilization, “excesses or mistakes on the ground are unacceptable.” Later, the Ministry of Information Press of the region reported that the region was actively fulfilling the task of partial mobilization, the dispatch of the mobilized to the troops was proceeding in an organized manner. Deputy Chairman of the Regional Duma Tatyana Erokhina (” United Russia “) noted that on September 27, three more erroneous conscription decisions were canceled in the region.
      By decree of President Vladimir Putin , a partial mobilization has been announced in Russia since September 21 . According to Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu , it is needed to control the 1,000-kilometer line of contact and the liberated territories in Ukraine . During the mobilization, a total of 300,000 reservists will be called up, which is just over 1% of the total mobilization resource of the Russian Federation.
      Departure of men called up for military service during partial mobilization in Novosibirsk

      35 , 50 — 55 .

      A woman says goodbye to a man called up for military service during partial mobilization

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      Men called up for military service during partial mobilization, near the military commissariat of the Soviet, Voroshilovsky and Kirovsky districts of Volgograd

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      Men of different ages gather at military registration and enlistment offices all over the country.

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      Men called up for military service during partial mobilization near the Military Commissariat in Chita

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      A man called up for military service during partial mobilization, near the military commissariat of the Chita region

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      Men called up for military service during partial mobilization board a bus near the Krasnodar military commissariat

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      Graffiti in support of Russian servicemen on the wall of house No. 14 on Zatsepsky Val in Moscow

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