Source: Lebanon inclined to accept US offer on Israel

DOHA, October 1 – Novosti. Lebanon is inclined to accept a proposal from US mediators regarding the demarcation of the maritime border with Israel, which includes Israel’s recognition of the disputed Qana field and separates the maritime demarcation from the land border, Lebanese sources told Novosti on Saturday.

“Lebanon is moving towards accepting the American written proposal for the demarcation of maritime borders with Israel. It includes Israeli recognition of the 23rd line and the Qana field and separates the maritime demarcation and the definition of a land border,” the sources said.

According to them, the forthcoming meeting of the President, Prime Minister and Speaker of the Lebanese Parliament will be held at the Presidential Palace on Monday, October 3, in the presence of Lebanese military experts, to discuss the American proposal and announce the official Lebanese position related to it.
US mediators have told Lebanon that the Israeli mini-government will meet next Monday to announce its approval of the US proposal, the sources said.
On Saturday, Lebanese President Michel Aoun received from the US Ambassador to Beirut , Dorothy Shay, an official response from the Israeli authorities through an American intermediary regarding Lebanese proposals for the demarcation of a common maritime border, including controversial issues of dividing offshore offshore gas fields. After that, he held talks with Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikatiand Speaker of Parliament Nabih Berri, pointing out the need for a Lebanese response as soon as possible. The US ambassador also held talks on Saturday with the speaker of the Lebanese parliament, representing the country’s Shiite political forces, after which, according to MTV, she noted “the positive reaction of the Lebanese side in response to the letter on the division of maritime borders with Israel.”
View of the embankment of Beirut near the lighthouse from the sea - Novosti, 1920, 08/01/2022
Source: Lebanon did not accept Israel’s offer of concessions on the border issue
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