The Russian Embassy condemned Sullivan’s words about the state of emergency at Nord Stream

WASHINGTON, October 1 – Novosti. The White House is trying to avoid uncomfortable questions about who benefits from the Nord Stream accident, the Russian embassy in Washington said .
This is how the diplomatic mission commented on the statement of US National Security Assistant Jake Sullivan , according to which the US administration is not inclined to consider any of the NATO countries responsible for the incident on gas pipelines .
Diplomats noted that Sullivan contradicted himself: on the one hand, he emphasized the need to study what happened in the Baltic Sea and refrained from naming the perpetrators, and on the other, he categorically ruled out involvement in the sabotage of the United States and its allies.

“Such statements, as well as Sullivan’s attempt to draw public attention to the alleged risks of physical and cyber attacks on Western infrastructure from Russia, are another example of the unfounded demonization of our country,” reads a comment posted on the Embassy’s Telegram channel.

The diplomats explained this practice by the Russophobia of the American authorities, their desire to manipulate public opinion and the desire to “sweep under the carpet” uncomfortable questions about who benefits from the break in energy ties between Russia and Europe .
In addition, the embassy urged to carefully analyze all the circumstances of the state of emergency.
Location of the leak on the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline - Novosti, 1920, 01.10.2022
Nebenzya: investigation of the emergency at Nord Stream cannot take place without Russia
A gas leak was discovered on September 26 at once on two Russian export gas pipelines – Nord Stream and Nord Stream – 2 . According to the operator Nord Stream AG, the accident is unprecedented and it is impossible to estimate the timeframe for repairs.
The seismic center of Sweden recorded powerful underwater explosions in the area of ​​leaks. The authorities of Germany and Denmark do not exclude that the cause of the emergency was sabotage.
The Kremlin called the incident an act of international terrorism. According to President Vladimir Putin , “sanctions are not enough for the Anglo-Saxons”, they have begun to destroy the pan-European energy infrastructure.
Location of a leak on the Nord Stream gas pipeline - Novosti, 1920, 01.10.2022
Nebenzya: West considers emergency at Nord Stream as Russia’s revenge for Ukraine
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