Americans called Trump’s “stunt” in Michigan a humiliation of Biden

MOSCOW, October 2 – Novosti. The popular footage of former US President Donald Trump at a rally in Michigan, where he caught a pen, became a joke among Americans, who noted that the current head of state could not even do this.
A video circulated online showing Trump catching a pen and a cap thrown at him from the crowd during a meeting with voters. The former head of the White House signed the hat and threw it back.
On Twitter , one user asked if Biden could deliver a two-hour speech while catching and signing items from the crowd like his predecessor.
“No. He can barely walk. It’s just a humiliation,” the commentator wrote.

“The only thing Joe could do for two hours straight is take a nap,” answered another.

“Perhaps Biden would have thrown and caught imaginary objects,” added a third.
US President Joe Biden - Novosti, 1920, 01.10.2022
In the United States sounded the alarm due to changes in the behavior of Biden
“No, he will fall and break something if he tries to catch something,” the user sneered.
“I propose to conduct tests live. Presidential candidates catch and throw objects,” they suggested in the comments.
The American leader, who turns 80 this year, has become the oldest president of the United States in history. Critics constantly accuse him of mental decline, citing frequent gaffes and mistakes he makes.
So, a week ago, he could not leave the stage without outside help, and before that he called his vice president Kamala Harris as president , confused the names of countries and stumbled when boarding a plane.
At the same time, Trump turned 76 in June of this year.
US President Joe Biden - Novosti, 1920, 09/30/2022
In the United States, Biden was required to pass an intelligence test
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