Milonov spoke about the bill depriving deputies of deferment at will

MOSCOW, October 2 – Novosti. The State Duma will prepare a draft law that will make it possible to deprive deputies of a deferment from partial mobilization if they wish to participate in a special operation in Ukraine, Vitaly Milonov told Novosti.
According to him, now the legislation excludes parliamentarians from being subject to mobilization, and this creates problems for those who want to become a volunteer – sanctions may be applied to deputies due to missed meetings.
Military tickets at the recruiting station - Novosti, 1920, 01.10.2022
The State Duma introduced a bill on deferrals for partial mobilization
Milonov noted that he discussed this issue with the secretary of the presidium of the United Russia General Council Andrei Turchak , and he instructed those involved in legislation on the status of a deputy to work out the situation.
“The federal law says that deputies are not subject to mobilization. And all our volunteers do everything voluntarily, moreover, they are required to attend meetings. And if a decision is made, it would be necessary that all our volunteers do not look like violators of the regulations. And all volunteers could self-mobilize,” the source said.
He explained that deputies who are ready to go to the war zone face the fact that they cannot formalize their absence from the Duma, since such business trips are not provided for by law.

“Now we are initiating a question so that my colleagues, United Russia deputies, and I can mobilize. There were no such precedents before <…> Because if we start from the law, then my federal constitutional obligations are to be at meetings of the State Duma, and this is clearly spelled out” Milonov said.

He added that parliamentarians do not receive money for their service in Donbass and do it voluntarily.
“We travel at our own expense, this is an important point,” Milonov concluded.
Since September 21, partial mobilization has been taking place in Russia . According to Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu , it is needed to control the thousand-kilometer line of contact and the liberated territories in Ukraine . It is planned to call up to 300 thousand reservists – primarily those who have served in the army, have experience and a military specialty.
Which regions of Russia have fulfilled the quota for partial mobilization
Which regions of Russia have fulfilled the quota for partial mobilization
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