Motorists warned of strange fines that should not be ignored

MOSCOW, October 2 – Novosti. Often, drivers are faced with fines that come without a confirming photo or even with a photo, but without a violation. What to do in such situations, Pavel Utkin, the leading lawyer of the Parthenon United Legal Center , told the Prime agency.
The most common cases are letters from scammers. Such cases are easy to notice when trying to pay, as the details are very different from the standard ones, the expert assures.
In other cases, the photo might not be uploaded to the database, and then it makes sense to wait a few days before paying the fine. The driver has 20 “preferential” days from the date of receipt of the fine.

“If the photo comes and a violation is visible on it, then you need to pay without question, regardless of what kind of violation it is – an unfastened seat belt, talking on the phone, speeding, or something else. If there is no violation in the photo, you can safely appeal a fine through the website of the traffic police or the same “Gosuslugi”, – assured the lawyer.

There are times when a fine came by camera error, when it was not you who violated it, but a neighboring vehicle. According to the expert, such fines can and should be appealed through applications to the traffic police or on the State Services website.
Reference and information Internet portal of the State Services - Novosti, 1920, 07/25/2022
The lawyer explained how to cancel the fine issued by the traffic police
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