The Ministry of Defense showed training footage of mobilized gunners and mechanics

ROSTOV-ON-DON, October 2 – Novosti. The Ministry of Defense showed a video from the training center in the Southern Military District, where those called up as part of partial mobilization are being trained.

“On the basis of one of the training centers of the Southern Military District, classes are continuing with gunners-operators and driver-mechanics of wheeled and lightly armored vehicles,” the message says.

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      On the footage from the training ground, you can see how the servicemen bring ammunition for the BTR-82A, load them into a special compartment and fire.
      In the classroom, fighters study the main components and assemblies of modern weapons, improve their driving skills and learn to shoot from standard weapons.
      Training takes place under the guidance of military personnel with rich combat experience.
      Since September 21, partial mobilization has been taking place in Russia . According to Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu , it is needed to control the thousand-kilometer line of contact and the liberated territories in Ukraine . It is planned to call up to 300 thousand reservists – primarily those who have served in the army, have experience and a military specialty.
      Which regions of Russia have fulfilled the quota for partial mobilization
      Which regions of Russia have fulfilled the quota for partial mobilization
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