The British were amazed by the photos of Putin, published by the Daily Mail

MOSCOW, October 9 – Novosti. Readers of the British newspaper Daily Mail are actively discussing photos of Russian President Vladimir Putin, published by the publication on the occasion of the anniversary of the Russian leader.
Many commentators noted that the head of state is in excellent physical shape.
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Russian President Vladimir Putin while fishing in the Krasnoyarsk Territory - Novosti, 1920, 09.10.2022
Russian President Vladimir Putin while fishing in the Krasnoyarsk Territory. Archive photo
“Handsome, with a gorgeous torso. And the years don’t take him,” wrote one of the users.

“A real leader that his people can be proud of, as opposed to two-faced weaklings posing as leaders in the West,” said another.

“He is charismatic, bold and strong,” another reader pointed out.
“Biden would love to take such a photo, but, unfortunately, he would have fallen off his horse,” a fourth user sneered.
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Walk Vladimir Putin with dogs in the Moscow region - Novosti, 1920, 09.10.2022
Walk Vladimir Putin with dogs in the Moscow region. Archive photo
“I pulled Russia out of the crisis when it seemed that there was no more hope. Life in Russia is getting better every year, so the population is happy to vote for Putin. Against the backdrop of Western leaders, every year it looks cooler,” one of the commentators shared his opinion.
“He has dedicated his life to preserving Russia’s unique heritage, and despite being at an age when many of his Western peers live in hospices, Putin remains intellectually advanced, physically active, a staunch supporter of democratic principles,” a reader wrote.
“It’s hard to find a more consistent politician than Putin, it’s just that the Americans are not used to listening and analyzing the opinions of their opponents. They can only demonize their opponents. Nothing new,” the users summed up.
Recently, Vladimir Putin turned 70 years old. According to the Kremlin, the president spent his birthday at a working event.
The head of state has repeatedly celebrated this day at work: meetings, conferences, international summits and official visits abroad. Sometimes Putin takes a day off to be in the company of family and friends.
Russian President Vladimir Putin and Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Muhammad bin Salman Al Saud - Novosti, 1920, 09.10.2022
NYT explained how the West made fun of Putin
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