Trains run on the Crimean bridge on schedule

MOSCOW, October 9 – Novosti. Freight and passenger trains follow the Crimean bridge on schedule, according to the Telegram channel of the Ministry of Transport.
“Railway traffic on the Crimean bridge of long-distance freight and passenger trains is carried out in accordance with the standard schedule,” the department noted.
In addition, they assured that suburban communication would be restored on this section by 19:00.
According to the GrandService Express company, 13 trains have crossed the bridge since the restoration of traffic: eight to Crimea and five to the opposite direction. They carried about six thousand passengers.
Cars are being tested for a ferry across the Kerch Strait in Crimea - Novosti, 1920, 09.10.2022
The Ministry of Transport told about the work of the ferry service with the Crimea
On the eve of the morning, an explosion thundered on the Crimean bridge – a truck was blown up, after which seven tanks with fuel from the train following along the railway part of the crossing caught fire. As a result, two car spans partially collapsed, but the arch supports over the navigable part of the bridge were not damaged.
By about 16:00, traffic on the bridge resumed in reverse mode, but only for passenger cars. Trucks and buses must use the Kerch Ferry, which operates free of charge. In the evening, railway traffic was also restored: first, test freight trains passed over the bridge, then the Simferopol-Moscow passenger train.
The Investigative Committee opened a criminal case. Investigators found that a resident of the Krasnodar Territory owns the exploded truck. According to preliminary data, three people were killed in the explosion – passengers of a passenger car that was driving next to a truck.
The Crimean bridge, on the automobile part of which a truck was blown up from the side of the Taman Peninsula

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Extinguishing a fire on the Crimean bridge

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Fire on the Crimean bridge

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Cars of the fire service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation near the heating point for drivers in Taman

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The Crimean bridge, on the automobile part of which a truck was blown up from the side of the Taman Peninsula

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Helicopter puts out a fire on the Crimean bridge

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Warming point for drivers in Taman

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The queue at a gas station in Simferopol

After the incident on the Crimean bridge in Simferopol and other cities of the region, lines lined up for gasoline at gas stations. The fuel supply situation is under control, authorities say.

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