US military base in Syria under fire

WASHINGTON, October 9 – Novosti. A US military base in Syria has come under rocket fire, the Pentagon’s Central Command has said.
Unidentified militants fired a 107-millimeter rocket projectile on Saturday at a landing site in the town of Rumeilan in northeastern Syria, but missed the object.

“No American or allied forces were killed or injured. Structures and equipment were also not damaged,” the press release said.

Several unreleased missiles were found at the launch site. Central Command launched an investigation into the incident.
The US military illegally controls territories in northern and northeastern Syria in the provinces of Deir ez-Zor , Al-Hasek and Raqqa , where Syria’s largest oil and gas fields are located. Official Damascus has repeatedly called the presence of the US military on its territory occupation and state piracy with the aim of outright theft of oil.
US Air Force aircraft - Novosti, 1920, 07.10.2022
The US announced the destruction of three leaders of the IG * in northern Syria
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