“They didn’t have this yet”: what weapons the Pentagon promised Ukraine

MOSCOW, October 8 – Novosti, David Narmania. President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky said that the Armed Forces of Ukraine received American NASAMS anti-aircraft missile systems. However, the Ukrainian army has so far denied this. About the reasons and possible consequences of such deliveries – in the material of Novosti.

Battery for Kyiv

The Pentagon announced in August that the decision on the air defense system had already been made . At the end of the month, the agency reported that it would cost the US budget $182 million.
The command of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine clarified that we are talking about two NASAMS batteries: eight launchers, a command post and a radar in each.
Mobile Norwegian anti-aircraft missile system NASAMS
At the same time, last week Pentagon spokesman Pat Ryder warned that the first samples would not arrive immediately – within two months.
According to military expert and political scientist Ivan Konovalov, such delays are symptomatic.

“The Armed Forces of Ukraine are being supplied with Western weapons, as they say,” from the wheels, “and the suppliers do not behave as Kyiv would like. Only the White House remains a reliable partner of the Ukrainian government,” he said.

Like Buk, but worse

NASAMS (Norwegian Advanced Surface-to-Air Missile System) is a joint development of the Norwegian company Kongsberg Defense & Aerospace and the American Raytheon to replace the outdated MIM-23 Hawk.
There are three modifications. The second one has been in service with the Norwegian army since 2006, the third one since 2019.
What kind of APU will be given is still unknown. But even the first and second modifications are formidable weapons.
Members of the Norwegian army during a joint NATO exercise in Latvia
Firstly, the system is completely modular – it is completed depending on the tasks. It is capable of firing AMRAAM air-to-air missiles, which are usually installed on fighters. Kyiv already has such ammunition.

“In the West, they have been trying for a long time to create air defense systems for this type of missiles. And the AMRAAMs themselves have been developed since the 1970s,” said Vladimir Korovin, an expert at the Center for Military-Political Studies at MGIMO.

The latest version can also launch AIM-9 Sidewinder missiles. The range of destruction of air defense systems is from 20 to 50 kilometers, the height is from 30 meters to 16 kilometers.
In addition to launchers, the division includes a command post and an AN / MPQ-64F1 Sentinel 3D radar, designed specifically for short-range air defense systems. This allows you to quickly find and hit targets.
The launchers are ready to operate completely autonomously, which minimizes the role of the human factor and ensures the safety of the crew.
The Russian Buk air defense system has a larger detection zone and radius of destruction. It shoots down low-flying air targets at altitudes up to five meters. And the accuracy is higher: 0.99 vs. 0.85.

Part of the system

Ukraine may become the first country to use US-Norwegian air defense systems in real combat conditions. But more importantly, the Western concept of network-centric warfare will be tested in practice.
This military doctrine was developed by American admirals William Owens, Jay Johnson, Vice Admiral Arthur Sebrowski and Pentagon researcher John Garstka back in the 1990s.
© : DOD
US Department of Defense Headquarters in Arlington - Russia news today
US Department of Defense headquarters in Arlington
The essence is in the close interaction of the triad “reconnaissance (for NASAMS – satellites and radars) – controls (command post) – weapons (launchers)”, forming a single information and switching network. This allows small, dispersed groups to achieve success through data advantage and constant information sharing.

“Over the past six months, the West has tested almost all possible methods of warfare in Ukraine. Some have proven effective. But the Armed Forces of Ukraine do not have enough equipment for a network-centric war,” Vladimir Korovin explains.

Deliveries of NASAMS, he believes, are proof of the direct participation of NATO in the war with Russia , because military operations of this kind are impossible without the orbiting satellites of the alliance.
According to experts, Kyiv uses these complexes primarily to protect key military infrastructure.

“Creating a full-fledged layered air defense with a single centralized control will not work: in Ukraine, both old Soviet weapons and Western ones that do not combine are used. Most likely, NASAMS will cover some specific sections of the front and important objects,” Ivan Konovalov believes.

In any case, two batteries are unlikely to change the overall situation. And the new air defense systems will definitely become a priority target for Russian artillery and aviation.
President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky - Novosti, 1920, 04.10.2022
Zelensky instructed to ensure an increase in the supply of military aid to Kyiv
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