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MOSCOW, October 9 – Novosti, Timur Musin. The autumn cultural season is in full swing – there are events for every taste. The most interesting free exhibitions, festivals and excursions that will give you the opportunity to cheer up in the cold are in the Novosti review.

Vanguards in the open air

In the Malevich Park near Moscow, right under the open sky, works by famous contemporary artists are collected – Francisco Infante Arana, Vyacheslav Koleichuk, Leonid Tishkov, Aristarkh Chernyshev, Igor Shelkovsky.

“The exposition subtly mixes the legacy of the Russian avant-garde and Kazimir Malevich and the installations of today’s masters,” says Irina Gorlova, head of the Department of Contemporary Art at the Tretyakov Gallery.

 Art Weekend  -

Art Weekend –

Artists during a performance in the village of Ulagan, Altai Republic

Artists during the celebration of the 150th anniversary of the unity of the Telengits with Russia in the cultural and sports center “Mezhelik” in the village of Ulagan, Altai Republic

According to her, the creators of the new generation do not follow the avant-garde artists, but enter into a dialogue with them through conceptual reflections, ironic gestures and romantic idealism.
The project, created with the support of the Tretyakov Gallery, consists of a series of monumental contemporary sculpture and public art objects in the pedestrian zone of the park.

“The only eternal thing in our world is art, so why not use it for therapeutic purposes,” says clinical psychologist Daria Serebryanskaya. “It makes you think and feel, evokes various images and associations, activates cognitive processes, memory, thinking, affects emotional background.

The installations can be seen from September 29 in Malevich Park (Odintsovo, the village of Discord). Free admission.

Week of Altai

It will be possible to get acquainted with the culture, music and literature of the Altai Territory right in the Russian capital.
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The International Moscow House of Music will host a concert dedicated to the 85th anniversary of the famous composer Eduard Artemyev, the author of works for films by Nikita Mikhalkov, Andrei Tarkovsky, Andron Konchalovsky. The symphonic suite “Altai Tale” dedicated to the history of the region will be performed.
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Wintering of swans in the Altai Territory - Novosti, 1920, 07.10.2022
Wintering of swans in the Altai Territory
Literary meetings with Altai authors will be held at the House of Creativity in the writers’ village of Peredelkino and Bulgakov’s House.
Days of Culture of the Altai Territory in Moscow – October 11-15. Most of the events are free.


The authors of the “White Cube. August” project invite you to reflect on the ambiguity of life in the Moscow Museum of Modern Art.
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The Moscow Museum of Modern Art invites you to the White Cube exhibition.  August
Moscow Museum of Modern Art invites you to the exhibition “White Cube. August”
The presented works of different generations – playing fields, archaic symbols of the labyrinth, topographic maps, panoramic landscapes – are united by a common theme: wandering inside the “picture of the world”.

“Through art, we learn to see the hidden and realize three realities: the environment, the world of other people and ourselves,” explains psychiatrist Yevgeny Ilchenko. “Looking at the artist’s work, we touch his perception of reality. It is also important that we develop empathy, that is ability to better understand the feelings of others.

The experimental exhibition “White Cube. August” runs at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art until October 16. The entrance is free.

A day at the museum

Every third week of the month, the museums of the capital open their doors to everyone, but the participants of the action work free of charge only on one of the days.
So, you can plunge into the surroundings of the era of the war of 1812 at the Battle of Borodino Panorama Museum on Monday, stroll through the gardens of the Tsaritsyno palace ensemble on Wednesday, and complete the cultural week at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art on Sunday.
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Museum Week will be held from October 10 to October 16 - Novosti, 1920, 07.10.2022
Museum Week will be held from 10 to 16 October
According to Daria Serebryanskaya, it is possible and even necessary to escape into the artistic world.
It is also useful to discuss impressions: thanks to this, the horizons expand and the imagination turns on, adds Yevgeny Ilchenko.
Museum Week will be held in Moscow from 10 to 16 October.

creative weekend

The main independent art galleries of St. Petersburg will unite for Art Weekend in mid-October. The event includes exhibitions, presentations, public talks with curators, artists, producers and teachers on contemporary art.
The project also includes the exhibition hall “Manege”, the creative spaces “Pushkinskaya-10” and “Bertgold Center”, the New Stage of the Alexandrinsky Theatre, the Open Lounge of the Lermontov Library.
The program also includes art mediations (by prior registration), the purpose of which is “to include the viewer in a dialogue about creativity.”
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Art Weekend

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Art Weekend –

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Art Weekend –

“It is creativity that allows you to balance the emotional-sensual sphere, beyond logic and control,” says Yevgeny Ilchenko. “But the more we try to control everything, the higher the level of tension and anxiety.”

Art Weekend will be held in St. Petersburg on October 15-16. Free admission.

City quest with augmented reality

An interactive walk around Kaliningrad was prepared by the Gaidar Regional Children’s Library. Participants will walk through memorable literary places, solving intricate ciphers and puzzles along the way.
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City quest banner Destination: Writers in Kaliningrad
Banner of the city quest “Destination: Writers” in Kaliningrad
A good opportunity to practice your critical thinking and resourcefulness, as well as get to know the cultural heritage of the city.
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You can participate in the quest “Destination: Writers” for free in Kaliningrad from September 19 to October 31.

Traditions of Kuzbass

The organizers of the forum “Patterns of Kuzbass” decided to debunk the stereotype that the region is famous only for coal.
The purpose of the event, which is supported by the Presidential Fund for Cultural Initiatives, is to popularize the cultural riches of the region. In November, the final of the creative laboratory will be held in Kemerovo. The program includes presentations of projects by craftsmen and new tourist routes, discussions and exhibitions.
The territorial forum “Patterns of Kuzbass” will be held on November 9 in the Kemerovo region.

Film message to man

Fifty films, including 19 domestic and 11 world film premieres, will be shown at the international, national and experimental competitions of the Message to Man festival.
According to Andrei Vasilenko, creative producer of the show, this season the competition program is focused on “search for mutual understanding between people.”

“The heroes of the films of the competition are very different – their life is full of bright events and difficult situations in which they remain true to their convictions, but are always ready for dialogue with others,” Vasilenko notes.

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Spectators at the opening ceremony of the film festival Message to Man on Palace Square in St. Petersburg - Novosti, 1920, 07.10.2022
Spectators at the opening ceremony of the film festival “Message to Man” on Palace Square in St. Petersburg
The planned screenings will be held at the central venues of St. Petersburg: the Dom Kino center, the LenDoc studio, the Avrora, Rodina, Giant cinemas, the Radio House, and the Word Order bookstore.
The film festival “Message to Man” will be held in St. Petersburg on October 21-29. For students and privileged categories, admission to competitive screenings is free, the price of a ticket for special screenings and programs is from 200 rubles.
Center Pompidou - Novosti, 1920, 30.09.2022
Cold rooms, savings on everything: new realities of cultural Europe
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