“They were all dismembered.” What turned out the case of the disappearance of the inhabitants of Primorye

MOSCOW, December 6 – Novosti, Viktor Zvantsev. In the Primorsky Territory, a suspect in the brutal murder of three people was detained. He dismembered and burned the bodies, buried the remains. Local media started talking about the maniac, however, as the correspondent of Novosti found out, the story is much more complicated.

Buried car

The remains were found at the site of businessman Yuri Yushchenko in the village of Rudny – by accident. On November 25, the police came to ask a couple of questions about his friend Olga Kovalenko, who had disappeared the other day.
He assured that he did not know anything. The employees were about to leave when one drew attention to the freshly dug up earth in the yard.
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We decided to take a closer look at the house and the garden plot. The owner allegedly felt unwell and asked permission to take the pills. The operatives didn’t mind. Having seized the moment, the businessman took out a gun and tried to commit suicide. He was taken to the nearest hospital with a head wound and operated on.
Forensic experts, meanwhile, determined that the dead were first dismembered and then burned. They also found the body of Kovalenko. And nearby is her car, buried in the ground with a tractor.

Regular customer

A neighbor of the murdered woman said that she constantly communicated with Yury Yushchenko. “In autumn, Olya always collected pine cones,” Valentina recalls. “One of the buyers was a merchant. She went to him with another batch of nuts on November 23.”
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Yuri Yushchenko - Novosti, 1920, 05.12.2022
Yuri Yushchenko
Olga did not return home. She did not go to work the next day, so her colleagues sounded the alarm.
“Kind, sympathetic,” the friend continues. “All her life she was a social worker, pensioners loved her very much. After the death of her husband, she lived alone. Cedar collected to raise her son, he is studying at a sailor in Vladivostok.”
A criminal case was opened under the article “Murder of two or more people”, the operatives began to establish the identity of two other victims and the motive for the crime.
The car of the Investigative Committee of Russia leaves the official territory - Novosti, 1920, 11/24/2022
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brutal policeman

According to the residents of Rudny, the businessman kept to himself and did not communicate with his fellow villagers.
“I used to serve in the police,” says Svetlana, his distant relative. “He was fired after he once chased his parents around the garden with a gun. granddaughter cut his ex-wife with a knife. Another ex-cohabitant called him a tyrant. But for some reason, he got away with everything. “
After his dismissal from the authorities, Yushchenko went into business. He bought cones and wild plants, performed various earthworks. To do this, he acquired a tractor and other special equipment. Sometimes the businessman was helped by his 40-year-old nephew Alexander, a builder.
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The road in the Kavalervsky district of Primorye - Novosti, 1920, 05.12.2022
The road in the Kavalerovsky district of Primorye
“Back in early autumn, Sasha, by order of the local authorities, began to dismantle an old residential building for resettlement,” says Svetlana. “I wanted to finish the work on November 20. Around these dates, we last saw each other. Then he disappeared abruptly.”
Since the mother, son and ex-wife of Alexander live in another city, the disappearance was not immediately noticed. When the statement did arrive, the police reasonably assumed that the missing man was among the three killed. And so it turned out.

young mother

Yushchenko’s third victim was 27-year-old Nina Voronina from the district center of Kavalerovo. She met a businessman a few years ago when she worked in a village boiler house.
Orientation about the search for Nina Voronina
Orientation about the search for Nina Voronina
“I saw Nina on the bus on the way from the district center to Rudny,” recalls Svetlana. “I was also surprised who she could go to. Then it turned out: to Yushchenko. There are rumors that they had an affair. children.”
Despite the family, Voronina, according to acquaintances, often left home. In search communities on social networks, there are indeed several posts about her disappearance – in June and September.
But each time she returned safely. So far, at the end of November, she once again went to visit Yushchenko.
“Her grandmother already buried two daughters, and now she will have to have a granddaughter,” Svetlana adds. “They promised to give the remains after examinations.”
The true motives are now being investigated. The suspect cannot yet be interrogated: he is in intensive care.
According to preliminary data, all three were killed on the same evening, the reason for the massacre was a banal quarrel during a feast. However, the version may change. As well as the number of victims.
Car of the Investigative Committee - Novosti, 1920, 09/08/2022
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Locals believe that the businessman simply did not want to share money with Olga and Alexander, and got rid of Nina as an unnecessary witness. Moreover, he legally owned several types of weapons.
Residents of Rudny recall that a couple of years ago, another man who also worked for a businessman disappeared without a trace in the village.
Information about all the missing people in the Kavalerovsky district is now being checked. According to the villagers, Yushchenko’s mother could have been aware of what was happening – she came to him every day to feed the dogs.
Like it or not, the investigators will have to figure it out. If the merchant’s guilt is proved in court, he faces imprisonment – up to life.
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