“Reclaim the Reich”. What happened in Germany

MOSCOW, December 7 – Novosti, Renat Abdullin. The German secret services stopped the attempt of a violent change of power. According to media reports, more than twenty members of the far-right extremist group, which was preparing an armed coup, were arrested. About what happened – in the material Novosti.

Key Figures

The special forces of the German police on the morning of December 7 simultaneously carried out raids in 11 federal states of Germany. On behalf of the prosecutor’s office, they detained 25 members of a terrorist organization, Spiegel reports. Searched 130 apartments.
Police officer in Germany - Novosti, 1920, 07.12.2022
Media: Germany conducted a large-scale operation to prevent a coup d’état
We are talking about the group “Reichsburger” (in translation – “Citizens of the Reich”). These are opponents of modern Germany, who want to return to the state of the 1871 model, when the Second Reich was formed as a result of the unification of the lands.
Those arrested are linked to the Thuringian aristocrat “Prince” Heinrich Reuss. A descendant of an ancient family, earning as a private financial consultant, prefers to call himself Henry XIII.
He is 71, and he has repeatedly attracted public attention. In 2019, for example, he spoke at the World Web Forum in Switzerland, stating that Germany does not have sovereignty and is still controlled by the countries of the anti-Hitler coalition. In one of the videos posted on the Web, he described the authorities as “private companies.”
According to investigators, Reuss was aiming for regents.
His main associate is the 69-year-old former commander of the airborne troops Rüdiger von P. A less public figure, but it was he who provided the group with fighters from among the former military personnel.

Attack plan

According to investigators, the suspects have been preparing an armed attack on the Bundestag and arrests of politicians since November last year. They hoped that the security forces would support them and help to overthrow the regime.
German police officers in the Bad Lobenstein area during raids against members of a far-right terrorist group suspected of planning an attack on the German parliament
Media: ex-deputy from the AfD party was detained in Germany after an attempted coup
The federal prosecutor’s office notes that the conspirators shared the views of Reuss. They were going to cut off communications with powerful electromagnetic pulses, quickly take control of communications.
It is not clear what resources the extremists had at their disposal, other than a dubious ideology. In the press, for example, they report on the former deputy of the Bundestag, 58-year-old Birgit Malsack-Winkemann from the Alternative for Germany party. According to investigators, it was supposed to contribute to the capture of parliament. She had several officially registered weapons.
The group allegedly intended to create a shadow army in the regions of the country, similar to the militia. At the right time, these units would ensure the stability of the new government.
It is assumed that in case of victory, the conspirators would immediately start negotiations with Russia. Sources mention a certain 39-year-old Vitaly B., who was allegedly in charge of contacts with Moscow.

All forces thrown

It was an unprecedented operation. It was required to simultaneously cover the entire network.
Dmitry Peskov - Novosti, 1920, 07.12.2022
Peskov commented on the situation with the coup attempt in Germany
Since among the “Reichsburgers” there are many former soldiers of the Bundeswehr and the NNA (National People’s Army of the GDR), including those who have undergone special training, the group is considered especially dangerous. Therefore, in addition to detachments from the federal lands, the GSG 9 anti-terrorist unit was also involved. In total, more than three thousand employees of various departments were involved in operational activities.
There were 52 people on the arrest list. Now the police are investigating the whereabouts of the 27 who could not be apprehended. The rest will appear in federal court for a temporary measure of restraint today and tomorrow.
In connection with these events, the investigation by the federal prosecutor’s office of a conspiracy against the Minister of Health, Karl Lauterbach, is recalled. Those who were going to organize an assassination attempt on him allegedly contacted the Reuss group. However, some sources say there was no interaction.

Scholz wins back points

German security forces regularly report on successful counter-terrorist operations.
German Chancellor Olaf Scholz - Novosti, 1920, 11/13/2022
The Network welcomed the truth about Russia, which unexpectedly said Scholz
So, in 2016, the police simultaneously searched 12 apartments, as well as hostels for refugees in several federal states. More than ten people from Chechnya were detained. They were suspected of sponsoring terrorism.
In 2018, it became known about a conspiracy in the elite unit of the Bundeswehr. More than a hundred people who were planning a coup d’état were arrested.
Last year, the Welt publication reported on the growing influence of the “gray wolves” – members of the Turkish nationalist organization Bozkurt – in the power structures of Germany.
The current sudden operation is in the interests of the authorities. Overnight, the unpopular Olaf Scholz stepped into the role of guarantor of internal security. And the information leaked to the media that the conspirators allegedly wanted some kind of negotiations with Moscow only adds points to the chancellor, who himself fights off accusations of pandering to Russia.
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