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MOSCOW, September 30 – Novosti. A stroller for a newborn is one of the very first purchases. It is important to choose a device that will be comfortable for both the child and the parents. About what types of baby carriages there are, how to choose a good one and expert recommendations – in the Novosti material.

Stroller for a newborn

The stroller is the first transport of the baby, which performs the function of a walking aid and a place to sleep. So that parents do not carry the child in their arms for a long time, it is convenient to use a stroller for street walks or for motion sickness in the house (if it is a cradle with depreciation).
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In addition, such a “transport” allows you to easily get to the clinic, go to visit and go shopping. The baby at this time can sleep, look at surrounding objects or play with toys.


The type of strollers depends on many factors, in particular, on the intended purpose. So, for example, if twins were born in the family, then a stroller for twins may be needed. If the child already knows how to sit, then it makes sense to purchase a stroller with a sitting position. In the event that parents want to save money, then a 2 in 1 or 3 in 1 transformer is suitable, which will replace several devices at once.


The model implies a stroller with a cradle, that is, with a berth. This situation is especially true for newborns up to 3-4 months. At this age, babies sleep a lot and are not very interested in the outside world, but, nevertheless, they need walks in the fresh air.
The maximum service life of such a module is no more than 6 months.


A stroller is needed already after 5-6 months, when the child notices moving objects, explores the world and learns to sit. Until the baby has mastered this skill, strollers have different levels of backrest. It is important to choose a device that will be suitable for both a seated and non-sitting baby. He needs to provide an overview, but at the same time not to load the spine.
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Strollers are lighter in design compared to bassinets – they are more maneuverable, lifting and small in size (take up much less space).

Transformers 2 in 1 and 3 in 1

The most popular are transforming strollers – 2 in 1 and 3 in 1. There are several reasons for this:
  • they have several modules at once – a cradle with a walk (2 in 1) and a cradle, a walk and a car seat (3 in 1);
  • such strollers are more profitable than buying each device separately;
  • everything you need for a walk is included;
  • versatility – you can adjust the device as the child grows.
As for the car seat, which is included in the 3 in 1 kit, it is especially relevant for moving in a car. This is necessary for the safety of the baby while driving, and also allows you to pick up the child from the car without waking him up – he can continue to sleep or just relax. In addition, with an ordinary cradle, for example, you cannot enter the clinic, while the infant carrier is an excellent solution.
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But transformers are much heavier than individual devices. Even if you use a walking block, it will be noticeably more weighty than a special “walk” due to bulky wheels, a more massive frame and other structural details.


A cane stroller is the simplest and lightest version of a stroller, but it has several functions:
  • has a folding mechanism like a cane;
  • equipped with a double handle;
  • light – no more than 5 kg;
  • twin wheels (created in order to increase the wear resistance of the wheels).
As a rule, such strollers are cheaper than others due to their minimalistic design. However, walking sticks are only suitable for summer walks and are not suitable for riding on bad road / off-road.


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A man with a pram walks along the embankment - Novosti, 1920, 09/30/2022
A man with a pram walks along the embankment
Multi-seat strollers are necessary if twins, triplets, etc. were born in the family. The device is equipped with several places, and the position depends on the type of stroller: facing the mother, to each other, to the street, etc.
Multi-seat strollers can be found in stores both in the form of a cradle and in the form of a stroller.

How to choose the right stroller

In order to choose a comfortable “transport” for yourself and your baby, it is important to take into account the characteristics of the stroller, namely: wheels, shock absorption and suspension, backrest adjustment, weight and dimensions, handle, materials, folding mechanism, footrest and general equipment of the device.
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Each of the above criteria must be evaluated before buying a stroller, so that further use of the device does not cause inconvenience.


Depending on the type of stroller, the device may have different wheels. They are plastic, rubber inflatable or foam rubber. The latter are in the greatest demand, since they are the least susceptible to damage – they do not need to be pumped up even after a cut or puncture. However, in cold weather, such wheels become harder and can be noisier, but this does not scare buyers much.
As for the type of stroller, for example, 2 in 1 or 3 in 1 devices are often equipped with large wheels, while strollers have smaller ones, providing greater maneuverability.
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When choosing wheels, it is worth considering their mobility and additional functions – it is convenient if they can rotate 360 ​​degrees, and if desired, it is possible to set a different mode of movement and turns. In addition, if the wheels are removable, this makes it easier to wash and replace in case of breakage.

Cushioning and suspension

The cushioning with suspension also affects the “softness” of the stroller. The spring mechanism provides a smooth ride and can be located both on the frame and inside the wheel mount.
Modern strollers are often already equipped with such devices, but differ in the level of rigidity. So, softer options are chosen for rough roads, and hard ones for smooth ones.
There are strollers with automatic shock absorption, which itself sets the degree of rigidity.
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To check the cushioning in the store, you need to shake the stroller and put pressure on it – so you can understand how comfortable it will be on the trip.
As for the suspension, it is an indispensable part of any baby stroller. How the device absorbs shocks and tolerates shaking depends on its quality. Cradles or strollers-transformers costing up to 20 thousand rubles are more often equipped with a belt suspension. This is suitable for relatively flat and level surfaces. More expensive devices have a spring suspension. They drive better through bumps, stones, pits and other bumps.

Backrest adjustment

As a rule, in the first 3-4 months, the backrest adjustment in the stroller is not required, therefore, not all cradles are equipped with this function. However, later the baby begins to be interested in the world and he is already bored of lying only on his back. For this reason, seat units or individual strollers have a backrest adjustment function. This is convenient when the baby is not yet sitting – just set the angle to 40 degrees so that the child can watch what is happening. It is also convenient if the seated child fell asleep during a walk – you can lower the back to the “lying” position so that the baby can rest comfortably.
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Thanks to the backrest adjustment function, you can “transfer” to the stroller before the moment when the baby sits down.

Weight and dimensions

The heaviest are cradles and strollers 2 in 1. But due to the variety of types of strollers on the market, you can find medium and light in weight, which will be optimal in weight – 14-16 kg.
Walks and canes are considered the lightest – up to 10 kg. The most comfortable option for a stroller is 6-8 kg. This is enough for it to be maneuverable and at the same time not turn over with sudden movements of the child.
Too light or oversized strollers should not be chosen – the first ones will not be so strong, and the second ones are difficult to control and are not suitable for easy transportation.
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Passers-by cross the street in Moscow on a pedestrian crossing
The general classification of strollers by weight is as follows:
  • stroller-transformer — 15-25 kg;
  • cradle — 12-20 kg;
  • stroller – 6-12 kg;
  • for doubles — 20-30 kg;
  • for triples — 25-40 kg.


When choosing a stroller handle, it is important to pay attention to several functions:
  • height/tilt adjustment;
  • throwing the handle;
  • the presence of buttons for the folding mechanism.
Adjustment is necessary when each parent needs a specific handle height. Its flipping is convenient if it is easier for the mother to carry the child facing her, and the folding mechanism buttons allow you to quickly fold the device (in the case of a stroller). The latter may interfere at first, but, as a rule, this is a matter of time and habit.
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Baby carriages are mainly made of materials that do not absorb dirt, water and dust. It is easy to care for such a sheathing – just wipe the stain with a damp cloth. A cotton fabric is used as a lining in a berth for softness.
The most popular types of fabrics:
  • ecological polyester – waterproof fabric made from natural fabrics (cotton and linen);
  • eco-leather – easy to care for, but almost does not let air through, which is not suitable for the warm season;
  • Vinyl artificial leather is the most economical synthetic fiber option, reminiscent of eco-leather, but not as durable.

Folding mechanism

As a rule, strollers have this mechanism. They are convenient to put in the trunk and carry with you. Some models fold into a suitcase with a retractable handle, which allows you not to carry them in your hands, but to roll them along. Such models are lighter in weight and allow parents to be mobile.
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Brake system

The most common type of brake is the pedal. It is enough to press it with your foot and the stroller will be fixed in the desired position. The main thing is that the brake does not interfere with walking and is easy to use.
There are other types of systems – brake cable, brake axle and brake block.


The footrest in the stroller is especially useful if there are two children in the family. The platform is necessary for an older baby – he can get up or sit down on a special device at any time and ride with his brother or sister. But it is worth remembering that the weight of an older passenger should not exceed 20-25 kg, that is, up to the age of four years. In addition, the maneuverability of a stroller with a footrest is significantly reduced due to the additional weight.
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Such a footboard, as a rule, does not come with the stroller and is purchased additionally if necessary.


A set of accessories for a stroller may include:
  • bag or backpack for mom;
  • cape on the legs;
  • mosquito net;
  • raincoat;
  • seat belts and soft pads for them;
  • Sunshield;
  • a basket for storing and transporting things;
  • car seat;
  • carrying;
  • umbrella;
  • wheel pump;
  • a tray for parents or a child (for example, for a bottle or food);
  • coaster.
The more components, the higher the price. The most necessary items usually include a bag for mom, a cape on the leg, a raincoat, a mosquito net and seat belts.
For example, a car seat is included in a set of 3 in 1 transforming strollers. It can be installed both in a car and on the body of a stroller.
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If it was not possible to purchase all the accessories from the kit at once, then this can be easily fixed – everything you need is sold separately. So, you can buy a universal bag for all strollers for mom, a cup holder or an umbrella.

Features of the choice by season

When choosing a stroller, it is important to take into account the seasonality of the device so that the baby is not hot in the stroller in summer and not cold in winter. So, it is better to choose “transport” with upholstery made of breathable fabrics.
For summer, a wide visor of the stroller is important, which will protect from the sun, and in winter and autumn from the wind. For winter, it is also worth making sure that the set for the cradle has a cape with sides, and for a “walk” a cape for legs.
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In addition, in winter and autumn, it is preferable to use strollers for newborns with large wheels so that the patency of the device is better. And in spring and summer you can ride on a walking trail with small wheels.
In addition, for autumn and spring, you should choose a stroller with a rain cover.
Basically, many parents prefer to use universal strollers with removable covers – this saves money and allows you to quickly adapt to drastically changing weather.
And another important criterion is the width of the stroller. If walks are planned in winter, then it should be borne in mind that the child will be warmly dressed and he needs enough space. So, the widest bed in strollers reaches up to 33 cm. But the wider the space, the higher the weight of the device.

Expert advice

A stroller should be comfortable for both mother and child:
“Maneuverability, weight, dimensions, additional functions (for example, a height-adjustable handle) and accessories (a bag / place for groceries in case of going to the store, a cup holder) are important for a mother. For the baby, the comfortable dimensions of the bed, the presence of depreciation for a smoother ride, additional accessories in the form of a raincoat, a mosquito net are important, ”says Zhanna Kotova, pediatrician, expert of the Mama TV channel.
According to her, it is better to give preference to a stroller made of water-repellent materials, and the hood should reliably protect the baby from bad weather. When choosing a walking block, you should pay attention to the presence of durable seat belts, an adjustable backrest, as well as a footrest. A good option are universal strollers two / three in one. As a rule, they have all the necessary components for a comfortable walk with a baby, as well as an adequate price-quality ratio.
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