In Canada, they revealed how the US is destroying Europe

MOSCOW, September 30 – Novosti. US-imposed anti-Russian sanctions are pushing up energy prices in Europe, forcing European companies to invest more in America, leaving their countries without money. This is written by the Canadian research center Global Research.

“The European public will be left further and further behind as the wealth of Europe flows away – mainly to America,” the article asserts.

Eric Zuesse, the author of the article, believes that now European companies, which have fewer opportunities in Europe due to the lack of cheap Russian energy and reduced purchasing power of Europeans, are forced to move to America, where taxes are lower, safety and environmental regulations are less stringent, and there are fewer workers’ rights, and therefore profits will be much higher.
Vladimir Putin - Novosti, 1920, 30.09.2022
“Putin looks unshakable”: the US Congress acknowledged the failure of sanctions
Instead of rejecting America’s sanctions against Russia , European heads of state cooperated with the US to bring about this economic crisis, the article notes.
Western states are faced with rising energy prices and a surge in inflation due to the imposition of sanctions against Moscow and the policy of abandoning Russian fuel. Against the backdrop of a rise in the price of fuel, primarily gas, the industry in Europe has largely lost its competitive advantages, which also affected other sectors of the economy. Also, the United States and European countries are facing record inflation in decades.
EU flag at the EU headquarters in Brussels - Novosti, 1920, 09/24/2022
In Hungary, they announced the colossal harm to Europe due to anti-Russian sanctions
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