The power of explosions at Nord Stream was estimated at hundreds of kilograms of TNT

ZURICH, September 30 – Novosti. The power of explosions at Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2 could reach hundreds of kilograms of TNT, according to a joint letter circulated by the permanent missions of Sweden and Denmark to the UN.
The letter was published by Swedish Foreign Minister Ann Linde on the eve of an urgent meeting of the UN Security Council in connection with sabotage at Nord Stream. It is scheduled for Friday at 22:00 Moscow time. The Minister stressed the importance of having discussions based on facts.

“The explosions were registered by seismological institutes and occurred in international waters. The magnitude of the explosions was 2.3 and 2.1 on the Richter scale, respectively, which probably corresponds to an explosive load of several hundred kilograms,” the document says.

It is also noted that two leaks from gas pipelines occurred in the exclusive economic zone of Denmark, and two more in the Swedish EEZ.
We switched to sabotage - Putin accused the United States of destroying the European energy structure - Novosti, 1920, 09/30/2022
Putin accused the United States of destroying the European energy structure
On Monday, terrorist attacks occurred simultaneously on two Russian gas export pipelines to Europe. According to information from the Danish and Swedish authorities, two gas leaks were discovered at Nord Stream and one at Nord Stream 2 near Bornholm Island. Germany, Denmark and Sweden do not rule out targeted sabotage.
The Nord Stream 1 operator Nord Stream AG reported that the emergency on gas pipelines was unprecedented and it was impossible to estimate the repair time. The Kremlin called the incident an act of international terrorism.
The work of Nord Stream was suspended at the end of August due to problems with the repair of Siemens turbines caused by Western sanctions. However, the pipeline remained filled with gas. Nord Stream 2, completed in 2021 but never put into operation, was also already filled with fuel.
The Prosecutor General’s Office initiated the initiation of a case on an act of international terrorism.
A section of the Nord Stream gas pipeline in the German city of Lubmin - Novosti, 1920, 09/30/2022
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